Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DELIVERing the future

Crumbs - it's a while since I've been here, in my defence it's been a very busy time.  Work has been off the scale, and studying as well has loaded me up to the point where pretty much all I do is eat, work, sleep and study since July!  Only another 9 months of this to go though...

Anyway, what's been going on?  Well at work we have secured a part in an EU seventh framework programme - with the acronym "DELIVER" (do you see what I did in the title now?).  The EU webpage for this is here:

In case the link moves or changes this says:

Design of Electric Light Vans for Environment-Impact Reduction

The DELIVER project concept aims to explore urban light duty vehicle concepts intended for larger scale production by executing a broad scope conceptual design study which will start by establishing initial design specifications and continue right through to the detailed realistic performance assessment of one prototyped vehicle concept.
DELIVER is pre-competitive, focusing on the rules of the design of ELDVs to be launched by 2020, and providing a platform for integrated design brought together into one holistic design by a team of experienced design engineers and design researchers of various backgrounds.
The project will build upon the progress made and foreseen in subsystems and main components that are to be integrated into the ELDV through networking with complementary R&D projects, as well as with the support of a multi stakeholder Advisory Board consisting of high level representatives of Europe's cities, large urban delivery fleet owners and others.

If you want to find out more about the project participants and the EU Green Cars initiative then there is a project portfolio document (PDF) available from the EU website here:

As a small UK company it's a measure of how well the UK electric vehicle industry is regarded for us to be involved in an international concept vehicle project with both VW and Fiat - and we have some other similar projects in the application process, so I hope to be able to talk about these more in the future.

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