Saturday, 3 December 2011

Breakfast time

From Evernote:

Breakfast time

Using Evernote again to blog from my HTC, so please excuse any dodgy formatting or misplaced images!

If you're ever in Leamington Spa before midday then you should seriously consider a visit to Alfonso's Place, on Station Approach. They do the best fried breakfasts in Leamington, and in fact one if the best I've had anywhere. I tend to go for the Breakfast Supreme:

Which is awesome, and looks a bit like this:

Obviously, it's not something that one should eat everyday, but it's a great occasional treat! If you're in the area you should definitely try it. After 11 at the weekends it can get very busy, so if you arrive later on in the breakfast shift then you may need to wait a while.

Alfonso's also doubles as a Portuguese restaurant in the evenings, so if you fancy some salt cod or bitoque and it's later in the day then give it a go then too.

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